Jul 17, 2021Liked by Jeremy Markovich

Great Story. i enjoyed reading it and chuckling a little bit! I hope you can get these laws enacted! Lol!

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Jul 16, 2021Liked by Jeremy Markovich

Rush?! As a day drinking anthem band? Are you kidding? Go back to Maple-land, you poutine-loving miscreant. I love The Clash, but “London Calling” or “Shoot the Right Profile” isn’t beach hangout music.

Day drinking playlists are heavy on G Love, Green Day, Tribe, Gorillaz, War and the Go-Go’s for some SoCal vibes, perhaps some Bon Jovi (if you’re Jersey-friendly), Sly and the Family Stone if you want classic, the occasional bubblegum pop hit, and summer anthems that are at least 7+ years old. They’re not subtle pieces, but neither are they blasting hostility to everyone else. It’s the beach — everyone is welcome and everyone should hear something they like.

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