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Last time I stayed up all night on purpose was back in college, was doing summer courses and staying on campus and decided to stay up to see the sun rise just because I had nothing better to do that weekend. Ended up going a little bit insane by about 4:30 AM and went around taking and posting about 100 or so blurry iPhone pictures of the UNCG campus to Instagram (this was back before carousels, so that was 100-or-so posts one-by-one) with captions from Tears for Fears songs.

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I haven't stayed up much past New Years since my last set of college finals. Way overrated !

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Enjoyed this. I've had similar experiences. There are rare times when staying up all night is exhilarating, but it gets harder as you get older, and come 3 or 4 am it's hard to defeat sleep.

Quick uninvited side rant: B's is the most overrated BBQ in North Carolina. The place runs on nostalgia alone. Yes, the cook whole hogs over coals, but there's not a lot of the good crispy outside brown bits in the cue. They don't have hushpuppies and their corn sticks are greasy & dense. Plus the place hasn't seen a mop or a boom since the 1970's. I'm used to old BBQ shack type restaurants, but my feet were literally sticking to the floor. Sure, the cue was OK, but there are plenty of way better BBQ restaurants in our fine state.

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