Apr 3, 2018 • 33M

S2 E1: The Dream Returns

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Jeremy Markovich
A podcast that goes the distance to reveal hard-to-find stories across North Carolina. Join journalist Jeremy Markovich as he travels across the state to uncover remote places, lost artifacts, overlooked people, and forgotten stories.
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Dr. Martin Luther King once gave a speech in Rocky Mount, North Carolina that energized the city and changed the lives of the people in attendance. Now, after more than 50 years, a forgotten recording of that speech has resurfaced, and the discovery is providing new insight into how one of the most important men in American history came up with his most iconic phrase. In this episode, we listen to the speech with some of the people who were there on that day it was first delivered in 1962, and find out how such an important artifact was lost… and found.

Listen to more excerpts of the speech and read a transcript at kingsfirstdream.com/transcript/